Why is the need to belong genetically predisposed?

Use each of the three theories of motivation to propose ways to increase motivation and performance in a place where you have worked (or in a class you have had).
2. Using the concept of a ‘set point’, explain why all diets that involve fluctuations in caloric intake are harmful and counter-productive.
3. Using the information in your text, explain why the U.S. is the most obese nation in the world even though Americans are not genetically different from people in other nations. Why is obesity genetically predisposed?
Why is the need to belong genetically predisposed? What evidence supports this idea?
In what ways does electronically mediated communication increase social connectedness, and in what ways does it decrease it? Which does it do more, overall
Give an example from personal experience of each of the five theories of emotion
Give examples of how recognition and expression of each of the basic emotions facilitates survival and reproduction . Also, give examples of emotions that differ across cultures and are clearly not genetically predisposed.
Why do polygraphs not work? Explain why in terms of the connection between physiological arousal and emotional experience and expression.


Approximately 250 words