​Why is leadership important for lawyers?

the student can simply answer the questions based on his or her understanding of materials we read and discussed this semester. Any student selecting this option can send me a document with his or her answers to each of these questions. Most of the questions can be answered in two or three paragraphs. Please let me know if you have any questions about this option. Professor Donald Polden

Question 1:

​What is leadership? How do you define leadership?

Question 2:

​Why is leadership important for lawyers?

Question 3:

​What are the most important attributes or competencies of leaders? You can, for example, described some of the practices of exemplary leadership as discussed in class.

Question 4:

​Briefly describe three of the styles of leadership as discussed by Daniel Goleman in his article on emotional intelligence (assigned and discussed in class).

Question 5:

​What did Nick Petrie say about the future of leadership abilities by lawyers that are developed through “vertical development”? (assigned and discussed in last class)


Approximately 250 words