What relationship stages do Lloyd and Diane experience?

Diane’s parents are divorced and she lives with her father (Mahoney), with whom she always had open and honest communication. As Diane and Lloyd’s relationship develops, Diane’s relationship with her father begins to change. Diane’s father believes Lloyd is complicating her life and he recommends that she break off her relationship with Lloyd before it becomes too serious. She acquiesces to her father’s wishes. Neither Diane nor Lloyd is happy about the breakup, but she keeps telling herself it is for the best.

Diane and her father appear to have a healthy and positive relationship, but when she learns that he has engaged in illegal financial dealings involving the nursing home he runs, her trust in him is shattered. Diane realizes she wants and needs Lloyd and reaches out to him; he supports her while she deals with the devastating fact that her father is not the man she thought he was. Diane tries to reconstruct her relationship with her father before she and Lloyd fly off to England together.


In this assignment, you will write a 4-5 page paper, which should include answering the discussion questions (listed below). Conceptualize and answer these questions under the light of intercultural communication. That means that the answers should tie in with the significance of intercultural communication, and how it has influenced the characters in this movie.

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Discussion Questions

What relationship stages do Lloyd and Diane experience?
What were some of the reasons for self-disclosure between Diane and her father and between Lloyd and his female friends?
Why did Diane’s father choose to lie to her about his finances? What effect did his dishonesty have on Diane and their relationship?
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