What pressures threaten this organism’s habitat?

After you have read the article, answer the following questions in paragraph format by using an introduction sentence, related topic sentences, and a conclusion statement that draws connections between the ideas presented. You should be able to address all questions in Part I in 1–2 paragraphs.

Name some ways that governments are trying to redress threats against endemic species. Briefly describe the examples presented in this article.
What is described as the biggest challenge for governments?
How are governments addressing this challenge?
Part II

With habitat loss, less land and resources means lower carrying capacity. For the second part of this assignment, you will apply the readings from your Module 4 Home page to two cases in which conservation of habitat applies to carrying capacity and economics. Choose one of these large predators to investigate: African predators (lions, hyenas, etc.), cougars (mountain lions), or polar bears.

What size of land/water is required to support this animal?
What pressures threaten this organism’s habitat?
What role does international trade and political regulation play in protecting this organism? Are these in place and enforced?


Approximately 250 words