What is the business need and business problem?

Write 1-2 page Statement of Work (SOW) to describe the need to create, design and implement the database that you propose for your project. See Course Contents for a sample SOW (Note: the sample SOW is a barebone example and only provides a highlight of the basic components of a SOW. Please use it as reference only and add more contents to your SOW).

What is the business need and business problem?
What is the purpose of the project?
What is the scope of the work?
What will be achieved by implementing this database?
What benefits does the new database offer?
The SOW should have one paragraph of overview for executive summary, a section captures the purpose and objectives of the database, and a detailed description on related technologies to be used in the project such as diagram and design tools, DBMS system, hardware, software, DDL and DML (How you will use these in your project).


Approximately 250 words