What did your districts “look” like after all was said and done?

Your application assignment for this unit has you taking a shot at the process of redistricting.  The apportionment of our Congressional seats is required after every Census and states have control over how districts will be drawn.  While some have appointed non-partisan or public boards to create redistricting plans, in general, the process is contentious, highly partisan, and fundamentally problematic.  Think that’s an overstatement?  Research the 2003 Texas redistricting process, which saw Democratic legislators flee the state in hopes of preventing the passage of the Republican plan!

For this application assignment, you should:

In a brief write-up, discuss the following:

  • How are reapportionment, redistricting, and gerrymandering related?
  • Describe the implications of your redistricting plan.  Who benefited?  Who was hurt?
  • Did you pack or crack to make your plan work?  What did your districts “look” like after all was said and done?
  • Does this process seem “fair”?  If so, why?  If not, what could be changed to make the process more equitable?


Approximately 250 words