Under armour case study for strategic mangement



Developing strategic options for “Under Armour” Case 20. You will use the strategic audit using your text (Figure 12-1, page 342, and Appendices 12.B and C, pages 347-357) to assist in the preparation of the power point presentation and executive summary. You will submit a Power Point presentation that addresses each of the following:


o   Their Current Situation (1 power point slide)


o   Strategic Managers (1 power point slide)


o   External Environment (1-2 power point slides)


o   Internal Environment (2-3 power point slides – including their resources, capabilities and competencies)


o   Analysis of Strategic Factors (1 power point slide)


o   Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy (2-3 power point slides)


o   Implementation (2-3 power point slides)


o   Evaluation and Control (1-2 power point slides)


You also will submit an SWOT, executive summary, discussing in detail, your strategic alternatives and recommended strategy, the implementation phase of the recommended strategy, and the evaluation and control phase of the strategy.


The grading for this assignment will be based on the assessment of the annual reports, an in-depth strategic analysis, and the formulation of a strategic plan for the selected company. The Power Point presentation will include recommendations supported by analyzing the company within the confines of the case study data, course material integration, and consensus of the team as to the company’s recommended best strategic course(s) of action. Additionally, you will submit an executive summary presenting, in detail, your recommendations for the company’s best strategic course(s) of action, including implementation and evaluation and control phases.



Approximately 250 words