read chapter 9&11. finish part 1.&2&3

Use the files I upload . 

Read it carefully, Finish the mind map, make it more details. 

Also part 2 is four questions, answer it.

Part three: My topic is 

 To inform the audience Food Culture in Hong Kong.  


So for part three write out your speech foundation information and provide one claim (this will end up being one main point) and your supporting evidence. This is an example of what one claim with evidence should be organized.

A. Main point written as an overarching claim (not a question or a piece of evidence)

     1.   Evidence that supports this claim (with the citation)

      2.  Additional evidence that supports this claim from a different source

           a, Details about this evidence that shows how it supports the claim

           b. Additional details about this evidence perhaps from a different source that                       perhaps shows in  a different way how the evidence you provide in 2 supports                 or explains that claim you are making about your topic.


Approximately 250 words