Need help with ratio analysis

Evaluating Financial Performance – Ratio Analysis In this assignment, you will be comparing financial ratios between Wicked Good Cupcakes and the company you chose to blog about. Instructions: Using the attached Excel spreadsheet for Wicked Good Cupcakes (WGC) calculate the listed ratios. 

1. Copy and paste your ratio calculation as a Table 1, inserted into the Word document. 

2. What do these ratios suggest about the company’s performance during the period presented? 

3. In Table 2 list the 5 ratios from your ‘blog company’ and corresponding ratios for WGC. 

4. Are these ratios ‘comparable’ for these two companies? Explain why you think they are/not comparable. 

5. Which ratios would a senior operational manager for WGC be most interested in following? 


Approximately 250 words