How would you advise Sun Loo?

Define BFOQ and list to which characteristics it applies
What is USERRA? How does USERRA protect those on military leave?
What are the requirements of an Affirmative Action plan? List the criteria for proof of its “remedial nature.”
Emmanuel Abrams is a craftsman specializing in woodcarvings. He employs 16 people. Abrams sells his wood sculptures from a gift shop in Flatbush, which is located in the center of state Z. Locally grown products and homemade jams are also sold at the shop. Abrams does not advertise, and his customers are locals. Hector Martinez applies for a job, but Abrams refuses to hire Mexicans. Martinez brings a lawsuit alleging violation of Title VII. Abrams believes his actions are justified. How would you advise him?
Sun Loo Chan has been hired as a sales representative with Rockwell Pharmaceuticals. Chan has been subjected to Asian jokes, name calling, and caricatures over the past 4 months. He complained on several occasions to his manager, to no avail. How would you advise Sun Loo?


Approximately 250 words