How will it be presented and promoted?

Imagine that the Chicago Cultural Center or the MCA has commissioned you to do an

installation on a particular facet of Chicago’s Musical Heritage. Your job is to design such a

public installation. What topic will you choose? How will it be presented and promoted?

Will it include other art forms such as dance, visual art, or theater? If so, how will you

incorporate it into the exhibit? How will you divide up the physical space? What are some of

the larger philosophical or social themes you seek to explore in this exhibit? In addition to a

formal Mission Statement explaining the goals of the exhibit, you should also explain in

written form the artistic choices that you made. Finally, you should also create a brochure,

slideshow, or website/video to be distributed to the visitors.


Imagine that you are a Chicago music promoter wanting to put on a 2-day music festival

somewhere in Chicago that celebrates Chicago Music and Musicians. Your job is to pitch

your idea to the Chicago Parks District and the Chicago Board of Tourism. What kind(s) of

music will be featured? Will it be a free public event or a ticketed one? Which particular

musicians will play? Will you need one large venue or several smaller sites? How do you

plan to market or promote the upcoming concert through media outlets? Your official pitch

should address these types of questions and more. Your pitch should aim to convince board

or committee members to sanction your event. Be persuasive!


Similar to #3–Imagine that you plan to start a new music venue in Chicago. Your job is to

pitch your idea to a group of investors. What kind(s) of music will your venue feature? What

audience demographic are you targeting? Will there be food or alcohol served at your venue?

Is so, what kinds? Where in Chicago will your venue be? With what other venues or

attractions will your venue be in competition? How will you promote your venue? What will

the building look like inside and out? Etc.


Approximately 250 words