How could you have improved teamwork and collaboration?

You were tasked to begin working on this individual assignment in Week 4. It is due at the end of the class.
During this course, you worked as a team on a large project. It is important to reflect on projects and teamwork to learn what went right, and what went wrong.
Evaluate your team/project experience during this class so far.
How could you have improved teamwork and collaboration?
Are there ways you would have approached a project of this magnitude differently if you did it again?
Create a “User’s Guide” of 3 to 5 pages where you advise future teams on how to maximize their success on an audit. Be creative!
**A few suggestions about the team is that communication is the key and although the communication was there but late in the week the team was able to pull together and get the project done on time.
**I believe that a group chat would be good to be able to stay in contact throughout it all and it is also quicker to get respond then having to wait the person to sign in the class and read the message.
**You can come up with a few on your own.


Approximately 250 words