How could a business use data visualization to identify new trends?

What is data visualization?
What effects might poor information have on a data visualization project?
How does data visualization use database technology?
How could a business use data visualization to identify new trends?
Is data visualization a form of business intelligence? Why or why not?


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Lamin Sesay

What might happen to a data visualization project if it failed to cleanse or scrub its data?

Data scrubbing, also called data cleansing, is the process of cleaning Updating and Using data scrubbing tool can save a database administrator a significant amount of time. And this can remove data that are incorrect, improperly formatted, incomplete, or duplicated in a database.The organization might use a data scrubbing tool to systematically examine data for flaws by using rules, a data-intensive field like banking, insurance, retailing, telecommunications, or transportation.Data scrubbing programs include such programs that will correct some any type of mistakes.

Kristy Johnson

What are the five characteristics of high-quality information? Consider the needs of users at different levels of the organization. Which characteristics are of the most importance to users at each level? Do the most important data quality characteristics change or not, as you move “up” or “down” the management chain?

The characteristics of high quality information include accuracy, completeness, timeliness, uniqueness, validity and consistency. The information in a system is more important than the system itself. If information is found to be incorrect or unreliable, the system will not be trusted and people will discontinue using it.

Different people will operate in different roles of maintaining the integrity of the database. Managers of departments are required to work collaboratively with IT specialists and developers to support a good data stewardship program. As data is collected and recorded on a large scale, the lower level employees will refine the data and deliver it to upper management for strategic planning and decision making purposes.

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Kendall Lollis

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a normalized data base design? Are there circumstances where you would NOT want to normalize your database?


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