How can there be white victims of racial caste?

Poor people of color, like other Americans, like everyone in the world-want safe streets, peaceful communities, healthy families, good jobs, and meaningful opportunities to contribute to society.
– Do you believe the above statement?

How are the minstrel shows of slavery and Jim Crow era related to negative type rap and ‘acting out’ of young blacks-gangsta love? Why do Blacks go?

what is the bird cage analogy?
42 what are the three stages of how poor blacks are forced into cages?

what were the results of Dred Scott v Sandford and Plessy V Ferguson?
Why does it sound strange to say “We really need to do something about the problem of white crime” and it seems ‘normal’ to say black crime?
How can there be white victims of racial caste?
when researchers have controlled for joblessness, what happens to violent crime rates between young black and white men?
what is the evolution alexander refers to on page 207?

what was the situation with rosa parks? Was she the first?
Do poverty and unemployment figures include people behind bars? Why would this make a difference?
corrections corporation of America- what is it?
what other entities are prison profiteers?
what does alexander says needs to happen to end the system of control?
why is alexander against “colorblindness”? what did martin luther king have to say about blindness?
what is black exceptionalism?
what does alexander mean by whites giving up their “racial privilege”?


Approximately 250 words