(Get Answer) – What assessments do you use in the classroom

What assessments do you use in the classroom and what are their purposes? –I used (NWEA MAP) oral fluency assessment, which is requited by Texas state. It is used to measure the learning growth of my students. I use this to compare their growth through out the school year. Do you use data from assessments to plan lessons? How do you organize and analyze assessment data? What steps do you take in creating and implementing assessments? What are some tips you have for a new teacher learning how to create, implement, and analyze assessments? When you were a new teacher, how much time did you allocate to lesson planning? Typically, how long did it take to write a lesson plan? What resources do you use to supplement your instruction and/or help you plan for student-centered instruction? What advice can you give me in terms of creating engaging lesson plans that involve students in the learning process? Additional Questions:

What has been your biggest challenge since you have become a teacher? Which aspects of teaching do you like and dislike about teaching? How do you adjust to changes?


Approximately 250 words