(Get Answer) – Two researchers, wiebe and bortolotti, in 2002 examined the color

Two researchers, Wiebe and Bortolotti, in 2002 examined the color in tail feathers of Northern Flickers. It sometimes occurs that these birds have one tail feather, which differed from the rest in terms of its color. This was perhaps because the feather had re-grown after having been lost. The odd feather and a typical feather from each of the selected birds were analyzed with respect to the degree of yellowness. Larger values of the measurement indicate the feather color is less yellow. The question they wished to address was whether or not odd feathers and the typical feathers differed with respect to the yellowness of their color.

Odd feather (O): 324, 245, 299, 198, 27, 45
Typical feather (T): 255, 213, 190, 185, 45, 25

Let μo be the mean of degree of yellowness for odd feathers
Let μT be the mean of degree of yellowness for typical feathers

What is the value of the test statistic for testing H0: μo- μT=0? Give answer to two decimal places in the form x.xx.


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