(Get Answer) – The approach mars, incorporated used to implement erm.


Chapter 3 presented the approach Mars, Incorporated used to implement ERM. Chapter 5 presented the approach University of California Health System used to implement ERM. Compare the two use cases and discuss similarities and differences. Do you agree with the approaches to implement an ERM and why? If you could change anything about the reasons to implement ERM in these case studies what would that be and why? Would you implement the same ERM approaches in your current organization (or future organization)?

 Remember, all assignments including discussions should include original thoughts.  Any works/words used from sources should be properly cited using APA format.  Each assignment is submitted through Grammarly or Safeassign. Any assignment with similarity high scores will be reviewed and filed with the school.  At no time should you randomly add references that are not in your assignments?  Each reference and citation must match content in the assignment. I like to say if you didn’t think of it please cite it to give the author(s) credit. 


Approximately 250 words