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Temperament Assignment : 

During Weeks 3 and 4 we will be studying aspects of Temperament.  After reading the material in Chapter 4 including the Video Clips on temperament, and the Journal article, Temperament Affects Parents, Children and Family( you will complete the Assignment.

Provide a detailed summary of the Journal Article, and the Text material on temperament. Then, you will also be looking at your own temperament and the temperament of significant others in your life, and charting your observations. You will be turning in an analysis of your findings and you must show a substantial understanding of “goodness of fit” in a report including the Text and Article summary of at least three pages.  You do not have to turn in the scales or charts, just your written report.  The Assignment is due as a word doc. attachment into the correct Drop Box by midnight on Sunday of the fourth week of class, and is worth 20 points.

Make sure to double space your paper, use a 12 pt font, 1″ margins, proof read before submitting, and when you use material from the text or another source, you must remember to cite and reference appropriately using APA format for the references.  

Notes for the Charts:  Download and print the attachment.  On the first Chart, find where you fall on the ranges for the 9 Temperament Traits.  On the second Chart, map where you fall in each of the Traits.  Then connect the dots one by one to see the pattern.  This might look like many peaks and valleys or be straight across in areas. (There is no right or wrong way or appearance to these.) Next choose a significant other and mark their traits on both charts – use a different color pen so they are distinctive from yours.  Observe the similarities and differences, and discuss them in your paper.  Make sure to also discuss how you achieve goodness of fit when there are dissimilar traits between you.  You do not need to turn in the Charts.

To reference the Article use:

Keogh, B. (2016). Temperament affects parents, children and family. Great Schools. Retrieved from:

To cite and reference the Text book in APA, please use the following:

Ferguson, S.B. (2016). The child, family, school, and community: A developmental perspective. Retrieved from

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