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Part I

Read  pages  53-82 in the Sherry Turkell Book. Please note each main point should be a min. of 20 words, and each should include a full citations (author last name, year of pub, page #).   Include word counts

1. Provide 5 main points from chapter 3. Be sure to cover the entire reading with points from the beginning, middle & end – min 20 words with citation

2. Provide 5 main points from chapter 4 – cover the entire chapter – min 20 words with intext citation for each

Intext citation Format (author last name, year of publication, page #)  NOTE: all info is within parenthesis, do not split this up

Be sure to include a complete works cited at the very end of the assignment.

Also see the announcement for submitting classwork, Do not send this as an attachment.


Write  a concept or an idea from the readings in chapters 3,4, which you found most interesting or thought provoking. Be sure to also include why you found the concept so interesting or thought provoking. You can include your own examples with technology.  This should be a min of 250 – 300 words. Include a min. of three citations from the readings in chapters 3,4,  (with different page #’s). Also feel free to include additional sources once you’ve included the three required citations.  

Please note it’s important to keep your discussion within the context of Sherry Turkle’s critical view of technology,  As the title of the book says, “ALONE TOGETHER”    Explore the notion of technology, mobile devices and more leading us down a path of being disconnected from each other, with one result being loneliness. 

Thank you

Be sure to include a complete works cited


Approximately 250 words