(Get Answer) – Second look | Education homework help

 2 schools in us and 1 international. uploaded file for international school

Purpose: Engaging students in critical approaches to describing and defining urban schools and to examine successful urban schools in diverse national and international localities.  

Directions: Research 2 schools reporting academic success among Urban school children (news, websites, YouTube etc. quite acceptable). Make sure to look at successful models. You must address the following aspects:

  • Identify any commonalities you note among the 2 schools.
  • Compare these schools to your international school as well. 
  • What surprises you? Disappoints? What questions come to mind?
  • Think again about your first look exercise? Share what you think.
  • Transcribe & condense and post your notes on Canvas. 350 – 400 words.

You need to include all of your resources and make sure to cite throughout. 

Please use APA Format


Approximately 250 words