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 I defend the statement: Of all the reform movements discussed and evaluated in Chapter 11, notwithstanding any discussion of the abolition movement (meaning do not include), the women’s rights movement proved the most historically important during the Antebellum Era.  Women made a realization their rights were very limited compared to men as they went door to door to distribute  petitions in regards to the abolitionist movement, “violating the cult of true womanhood” (Women and Abolitionist Movmement). When Elizabeth Cady Stanton accompanied her husband to an abolitionist meeting, she was excluded from the meeting,  thus restricting her from expressing her own opinions, due to her gender (Voices of Reform). This motivated her to make a change in the rights for women. With Lucretia Mott, they placed an advertisement in the newspaper about holding a meeting where they will discuss about women’s rights. On July 19, 300 people including Fredrick Douglass attended the Seneca Falls Convention. In the meeting, they drafted the Declaration of Sentiments which modeled the ideals of the Declaration of Independence by calling for equality for both men and women. “They demanded specific social and legal changes for women such as a role in lawmaking, improved property rights, equity in divorce, and access to education and the professions” (McGerr et atl., 2018, p.358). The resolutions passed unanimously except for the demand for suffrage as they deem as it as “too radical for women” (McGerr et atl., 2018, p.258). Although the movement was not widely accepted, women were able to accumulate a few rights for themselves.  


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