(Get Answer) – Quality assurance and contrl | Engineering homework help

Select a case study from the web or a technical publication involving the use of quality control charts and techniques to assess and improve a product, a process or a service environment.

1-Describe the company

2-What is the problem (case) being analyzed

3-What is the solution approach

4-what are the results found

5-Action plan or decision (s) made as a result.

This case homework is to be done in groups of students. The report should not be more than 5 pages and will be presented in class  On PowerPoint l.

so it’s going to be two files, 

1. PowerPoint slides.

2. word document which is the report.

put in mind the work must be done in less that 10 hour. If you can do so or please don’t message  me. 

i will attache an examle of the case study in case. “Do not use it“ it’s only an example.


Approximately 250 words