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Students who enrol will be required to write a 1000–word  report on evaluating the podcast “The Political Butterfly Effect: Did Mr Blobby upend  local politics in Lancashire?” Please see details in Part2 below: 

Please click on this link: and listen to the 14 minutes podcast and answer these questions as part of the continuous final assessment [assignment 2] for this unit. 

• Question 1: What is your assessment of the Council’s commercial motivation? 

(5 marks) 

• Question 2: Why did the project fail and state three (3) lessons identified. 

(10 Marks) 

• Question 3:Drawing on the lessons learned (in Q.2) and your knowledge of social value, what venture would you prescribe for Morecambe Council and why?  

(15 Marks)  

• Note: For this reflective report a maximum of 1000 words excluding figures and  

references is required.



Introduction to Social Value – 

• Q1. Assessment of Commercial Motivation. Any evidence from the podcast stating the commercial motivation for the project? [1mk]  Showing an understanding of how to apply the concept of value propositioning. This should cut across 1). Product i.e., benefit, experience, feature. [1mk] 2). Customer i.e., wants fear, needs. [1mk] The required reflective element should come across too. Total [5 mks] 

• Q2. Each logical reason is 3 mks. These should preferably be spread across the identified value proposition. There is a mark for linkage with core concepts or relevant citations. Total [10 mks] 

• Q3. The proposed venture should be realistic and evidence potential social value contribution. 5 mks for suitability of the venture; 5 mks for social value potentials and 5 mks for the justification of the proposed venture and de-risking. Total [15 mks]


Approximately 250 words