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Question 1
    Which of the following is most likely to be governed by states’ laws?           
•  Question 2
    The following is an accurate description of state constitutions:           
•  Question 3

    Which of the following is most likely to be primarily governed by federal law:           
•  Question 4

    The following describes the common law:           
•  Question 5
    In what part of the U.S. Constitution is freedom of speech identified?               
•  Question 6
    The law found to be unconstitutional in Griswold v. Connecticut was:               
•  Question 7

    The Bill of Rights was:           
•  Question 8
    In Griswold v. Connecticut, on what basis did concurring Justice Goldberg see authority in the Ninth Amendment for a right of privacy?               
•  Question 9

    In what part of the U.S. Constitution does an Equal Protection Clause appear?           
•  Question 10
    The U.S. Supreme Court held that separate public schools were inherently unequal in:                   
•  Question 11
    Use of numerical quotas to achieve racial diversity was:                   
•  Question 12
    In what part of the U.S. Constitution does a Due Process Clause appear?                   
•  Question 13
    To what extent is expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment?                   
•  Question 14
    To what extent must a religion be well established in history for its practices to be protected under the First Amendment?                   
•  Question 15
    Which of the following does the First Amendment provide with respect to freedom of speech?                   
•  Question 16
    Which of the following is the most correct description of state public records laws?           
•  Question 17
    To whom does the federal Government in the Sunshine Act apply?                   
•  Question 18
    What was at issue the 1971 U.S. Supreme Court case of New York Times Co. v. United States?                   
•  Question 19
    Which of the following is the language from the First Amendment regarding the freedom of the press?                       
•  Question 20
    All of the following can be registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office except:               
•  Question 21
    What payment does the U.S. Constitution require to the owner when government acquires property through use of eminent domain?                   
•  Question 22
    The U.S. Supreme Court has held that local zoning regulations are constitutional if:                   
•  Question 23
    In a corporation the following have the legal authority to make fundamental decisions about corporate existence:                   
•  Question 24
    Limited liability companies are a popular form of business entity because:                   
•  Question 25
    The federal rules for general government contracting requirements are the:                   
•  Question 26
    The following is the most accurate description of a public employer’s legal right to consider political affiliation in hiring and termination decisions:                   
•  Question 27
    Under the usual state whistleblower law a public employee:               
•  Question 28
    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964:               
•  Question 29
    The Age Discrimination in Employment Act applies to employees who are at least the following age:           
•  Question 30
    In a tort claim punitive damages are:                   
•  Question 31
    Medical expenses for injuries suffered as a result of someone else’s negligence would be considered what kind of damages?                   
•  Question 32
    The Federal Tort Claims Act:                   
•  Question 33
    The Fourth Amendment prohibits                   
•  Question 34
    The compilation of all federal rules currently in effect is:               
•  Question 35
    The federal Administrative Procedure Act was enacted in:                   
•  Question 36
    An agency rule that explains an agency’s understanding of the law or its regulations is known as:                   
•  Question 37
    An elected  public official who improperly applies public property to personal use:                   
•  Question 38
    Local government ethics rules tend to:                   
•  Question 39
    State ethics laws:                   
•  Question 40
    In a mediation:                   
•  Question 41
    Injunctive relief is:                   
•  Question 42
    In litigation, the plaintiff:                   
•  Question 43
    Which of the following representations by a lawyer to a court during a trial would likely be a breach of the lawyer’s professional obligations?                   
•  Question 44
    Under which of the following circumstances may a lawyer disclose a confidential client-lawyer communication?                   
•  Question 45
    A lawyer is licensed to give advice in a specialty area, such as real estate law, only if:                   
•  Question 46
    A lawyer who represented the government in a particular matter:                   
•  Question 47
    A series of publications that provide a means of checking cases, statutes, and other authority for subsequent and related authority is:                   
•  Question 48
    C.F.R. stands for:                   
•  Question 49
    In an A.L.R. you would find:               
•  Question 50
    Local government ordinances are published:   


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