(Get Answer) – Mars inc. strategic plan | Operations Management homework help

Due: November 4th 6:00 pm (New York time zone) 

APA Format

STRATEGIC PLAN The challenge of development and retention of “Millennials” work force at Mars Inc. Company” 

1. Summary 

2. Company’s background 

3. Vision 

4. Mission 

5. Company’s values 

6. Environment a. internal work environment b. external environment 

7. Long term objectives 

8. Strategy chosen and strategic analysis 

9. Goals and execution of plan 

10. Financial forecast and financial analysis 

11. Critical factors for success of strategic plan 

12. Evaluation and control  

Extra sources Nutraceuticals World. Apr2019, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p26-26. 1/2p. Aroq – (Global News). 6/25/2019, pN.PAG-N.PAG. 1p. 

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