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 Part 1: In 1-2 paragraphs: A summary of facts, issues, and questions mentioned in the case. During your reading of the case, you should identify crucial  facts,  figures  and  charts,  and  identify  critical  comments  made  by individuals. The facts stated in a case often point to the key issue(s) facing a  firm,  such  as  new  opportunities,  a  changing  environment,  a  decline  in competitive position, or excess inventories. 

Part 3: With no page limitation, prepare a very nice and comprehensive  Five Force Analysis of the smartphone industry. You will need to collect information from outside resources. You should address ALL 5 forces and for each force ALL FACTORS APPLICABLE (and any factor for which you can find evidence). Each factor should be rated low, medium, or high, and each force should be rated at the conclusion. All of them with reasoning. 

Introduced by Michael Porter (1980)
Help managers identify
•Factors that affect the business environment
•Competitiveness in a particular industry or market
•Attractiveness (i.e. overall profitability) of a particular industry or market
•Your strategy’s potential profitability
Often at a general, basic industry level

Based on your five forces analysis, evaluate Amazon’s entry into the smartphone market in 2-3 paragraphs


Approximately 250 words