(Get Answer) – Lymphatic | Nursing homework help

1.What are the four main functions of the Lymphatic System?(1 Point)

2.Name 5 of the 10 main parts of the Lymphatic System(1 Point)

3.What is Lymph?(1 Point)

4.What are Lymph Nodes?(1 Point)

5.What is the purpose of the Spleen?(1 Point)

6.What is the purpose of the Tonsils and Adenoid?(1 Point)

7.What are Peyer’s Patches?(1 Point)

8.What is Lymphedema?(1 Point)

9.What is the difference between Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?(1 Point)

10.What is the clinical Presentation of infection(1 Point) 


Approximately 250 words