(Get Answer) – Examining tort law – from negligence to intentional

For the purposes of this assignment, you will assume the role of a speaker at a conference for health care professionals. You will role play the presentation based on a topic of your choice. The purpose of this session is to present to the health care professionals the importance of one of the topics discussed during this course. For example, you could role play that you are giving a presentation on the importance of understanding HIPAA to a conference attended by doctors.

This assignment consists of the following two deliverables:
1. A 10 slide PowerPoint presentation (title and reference slides do not count towards the 10); and
2. A script of your presentation which should include what you would actually say to further explain the concepts in your PowerPoint. The script should be at least 2 pages in proper APA format.

NB; the topic I choose is ; “Examining Tort Law – from Negligence to Intentional”.


Approximately 250 words