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1.  Define the term ‘public servant’ and answer ‘why public servants should  be especially sensitive to ethical issues.’ Do you feel police officers  today ARE sensitive to ethical issues? Are all police officers public  servants? Are all public servants police officers?

2.  Define the following terms: ethics, morality, values, duties,  superogatories, imperfect duties, meta-ethics, normative ethics, and  applied ethics. Understanding and learning the key terms is imperative  to building the foundation you will need to discuss the topic of ethics.

3. According to the text, what are the steps in analyzing an ethical dilemma?

If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks.


1. What are the 6 ‘Pillars of Character’?  What do they mean to you personally (in your private life and in your career)?

2. Which ‘ethical system’ do you most align your own beliefs with?

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