(Get Answer) – Business continuity planning | Computer Science homework help

Answer the following 12 questions by selecting the single BEST answer for each. Using your course materials and/or other credible resources, provide a 50–100-word explanation on why you chose your answer. Please cite your sources for your answers from your course materials or other credible resources.

1. Which of the following business continuity exercises can be quite involved and should be performed annually? 

A. Disaster simulation testing

B. Table-top exercise

C. Structured walkthrough

 2. Which plan is written to attempt to prevent a disaster from impacting the organization and/or to lessen a disaster’s impact?

A. Disaster recovery plan

B. Business impact analysis

C. Business continuity plan

3. While developing the business continuity plan, your team must create a plan that ensures that normal operation can be resumed in a timely manner. Which element is your team creating?

A. Vulnerability analysis

B. Disaster recovery plan

C. Business continuity plan

4. Of the following choices, what is the best form of anti-malware protection?

A. Multiple solutions on each system

B. A single solution throughout the organization

C. Anti-malware protection at several locations

5. What is the first step of a business continuity plan (BCP)? 

A. Business organization analysis

B. Select the BCP team

C. Resource requirements analysis

6. What task of BCP bridges the gap between the business impact assessment and the continuity planning phases? 

A. Likelihood assessment

B. Provisions and processes

C. Strategy development task

7. Which business continuity plan element is primarily concerned with minimizing property damage and preventing loss of life?

A. Disaster recovery plan

B. Vulnerability analysis

C. Business impact analysis (BIA)

D. Risk analysis

8. You need to ensure that all systems, networks, and major applications can be recovered. What should you create or perform?

A. vulnerability analysis

B. contingency plan

C. risk analysis

D. business impact analysis (BIA)

9. Which of the following is likely to be the most significant challenge with developing an incident management plan?

A. Lack of management support

B. Intrusion by hackers

C. Security response procedures undertaken to detect brute force attacks

10. If a forensic copy of a hard drive is needed, the copy data are MOST defensible from a legal standpoint if which of the following is used?

A. An encrypted copy of all contents of a hard drive

B. A bit-by-bit copy of all data

C. A compressed copy of all contents of a hard drive

11. What is the capability to effectively manage unexpected events to the organization with the objective of minimizing impacts and maintaining and restoring normal operations? 

A. Incident response

B. Incident management

C. Control objectives

12. What is the operational capability to identify, I prepare for and respond to incidents?

A. Risk tolerance

B. Quality assurance

C. Incident response


Approximately 250 words