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1) The Globe

Please check to see if the Image(s) you are being asked to review has a title. If there is a title, then I expect you to click on the title and read the corresponding document about the image and phrase your answer in a way that demonstrates your comprehension of this document as it relates to the theory in the text.

Go to The Globe. Locate the country of Brazil (in South America). Take a look at the photograph for the Kayapo Tribe.

  • Summarize the culture of these people.

2) The Shower Essay

” Suppose a foreigner who walked into your home went straight to sleep in the guest room. Would you be insulted? Would you be likely to attribute rudeness to the individual, or rudeness to the culture that the stranger represents? Or would you be more generous and assume the individual was just tired? How do you think the visitor feels about being in an unfamiliar place? How would your attributions change if the person was quiet and uncommunicative in the morning? Is the existence of a language barrier sufficient reason to avoid communication with people from another culture? Answer together, not as separate questions. (CH – Verbal Communication)

3)Lost Boys of Sudan

As in much of Africa, war is an old and seemingly intractable reality for the people of Sudan. In fact, civil war has largely defined the country in the world’s eyes ever since it gained independence in 1956 from Egypt and the United Kingdom. In the ensuing 40 years, rebels from the country’s southern provinces – populated by black who practice African Traditional Religion and Christianity – have fought periodically against a Sudanese government dominated by the country’s largely Arab, Muslim northern population. The war has cost an estimated 2 million lives from fighting and famine, as the government and an array of southern rebel faction’s battle back and forth across a devastated landscape, with no apparent end in sight. The United States and other countries have tried to help the orphaned children due to these wars.

” Culture is a Set of Shared Interpretations (CH — Cultural Biases & Intercultural Contact). Based solely upon what you have viewed in the clip from “The Lost Boys of Sudan”, how would you describe the culture of Sudan?

4) Tribal Life in New Guinea

” Why do the women of the Dani Tribe cut part of their finger off? Why do the men of the Asmat Tribe eat the brain of a defeated enemy? Is this a belief, value or norm? Explain (CH – What is Culture?)


link in for question number one and shower essay attached for question number 2


Approximately 250 words