(Get Answer) – Applying social psychology to the environment

Answer any 2 of the following questions this week Using the readings, links and attachments 

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  1. Watch the video about water shortages in Mexico.  Consider the issue of resource dilemmas and Table 13.1.  What is a resource dilemma in your area?  What are the issues at stake?
  2. Discuss the impact that the surrounding environment has on our behavior.  Please be sure to cite from the text, outside readings, green design etc. in the module. 
  3. In what ways can the manipulation or design of a space better promote self-efficacy and well-being?
  4. How can the defensible space theory limit crime in an area? 
  5. Discuss the role Defensible space theory played in the Yonkers Housing Crisis (optional- You would need to do a little outside research for this (United States vs. City of Yonkers)


Approximately 250 words