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Objectives of the Assignment

•Get in the habit of asking, practice your “asking muscles”•Stop being afraid of getting a “no”


•You must make an ask for something that is highly likely to be rejected, at least once a day for the next 2 weeks.•An ask counts if you are out of your comfort zone.•Do not pursue ridiculous asks, like “Can I have a trillion dollars?”•At the time of rejection, you, not the respondent, should be in a position of vulnerability. You should be sensitive to the feelings of the person being asked.•For this assignment you cannot involve any others in this class (including the professor)

Assignment Logistics

•Write a one-page paper about your experience, notable asks/rejections, and how you changed over the month. Did you modify how you asked? How did it feel in the beginning vs. later? Did you get any surprise positive responses? What did you learn about asking?

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