(Get Answer) – 2 discussions and 1 case study and 1 weekly summary

Discussion 5.1

Many organizations are concerned about the rising cost of employee benefits and question their value to the organization and to the employees.  In your opinion, what benefits are of greatest value to employees? To the organization? Why?  What can management do to increase the value to the organization of the benefits provided to employees?

Discussion 5.2 

When OSHA was enacted in 1970, it was heralded as the most important new source of protection for the U.S. worker in the second half of the twentieth century. From the information in this chapter, what is your opinion about the effectiveness or the ineffectiveness of the act? Should it be expanded, or it should businesses have more freedom to determine safety standards for their workers?

Case Study 5.1 4 pages

There are two (2) case studies per chapter. You are to respond to one (1) case from Chapter 9 and one (1) case study from Chapter 10.

Chapter 9 – Managing Compensation: (Choose one case study)

Case Study 1 – Pay Decisions at performance Sport, pg. 377 and answer the questions

Case Study 2 – An In-N-Out Pay Strategy: Costa Vida’s Decision to Boost Pay. pg. 378 and answer the questions

Chapter 10 – Pay for Performance: Incentive Rewards (Choose one case study)

Case Study 1 – United States Auto Industry Back on Top…of CEO Pay, pg. 413 and answer the questions

Case Study 2 – Team Based Incentives: Not Your Usual Office, pg. 414 and answer the questions

Weekly Summary 5.1

Write 2 pages from the chapter 9 and chapter 10 attached PPT


Approximately 250 words