Discuss why this leader is effective in a multicultural setting.

Write a profile describing a leader (living or dead) in a diverse organization who you think is especially effective in a multicultural setting. You should select someone you can research or know well enough to write about. Presidents of the United States from Carter to the present are ineligible.

The profile should not exceed four double-spaced pages for the body of the paper. In addition, include a Cover page, abstract, and a References page. Cite all references using APA style.

The profile should include:

The leader (1-2 paragraphs on his/her background. Note: this is not a biography.)
His/her organization (1-2 paragraphs on his/her organization, company, group, etc.)
His/her leadership characteristics and philosophy as covered in the readings; that is, what is their approach to leadership?
Discuss why this leader is effective in a multicultural setting.
Use of concepts in the readings where appropriate
NOTE: The Japanese word kaizen means continuous improvement in small steps. Pay attention to comments made on your previous assignment. See also Item 7 in the rubric.


Develop a paper of 4 double spaced pages based on the topic.


● APA format (title page, text, citations, and references). You may want to refer to the paper in Conferences, “Writing Papers That Are Easy to Grade”

● 1” margins on all sides

● Times New Roman, 12 point font

● Double spacing

● Avoid use of 1st person (I, we, etc.)

● 4 pages

● Note: Wikipedia is not an acceptable source

● Submit to turnitin.com by 8:00 PM EDT of the due date and put the rating on the cover page. Note: a rating over 25% is unacceptable. Papers not submitted by 8:00 PM on the due-date may be subject to a penalty.

● Give credit where credit is due. It is easy to plagiarize unintentionally. If you say things like:

all leaders must be resilient
discrimination against women is the very worst kind
diverse organizations are more productive


Approximately 250 words