Discuss why these elements are so beneficial to a speech.

This week is class we will begin discussing how to present your speeches. We will discuss facial expressions, gestures, vocal elements as well as several other elements that can greatly enhance a speech. For this week:

1. Please choose 2 or 3 of these elements and discuss how you might apply these to your speech.

2. Discuss why these elements are so beneficial to a speech.

Remember that your initial response should be at least 100 words with 2 responses being 50 words each.

1.In public speaking there are multiple elements that play a role in administering a well thought out speech. How you present yourself plays a huge factor. Visually if you are smiling and using happy facial expression then the audience will think that your speech is light hearted. However, if you have a stern look then they might assume the topic is more serious. Vocally it is important to make sure you are speaking loud enough for your entire audience to hear you, but that you aren’t screaming at the front row. Gestures can also contribute to a successful speech. For example, when listing points hold a finger up for each point. This will grasp your audiences attention and also help you to maintain eye contact with them.


Vocal elements- Vocal elements can greatly enhance the way you speak. The way you speak will either keep the audience engaged or turn them away. If you are speaking with a monotoned voice and looking very “dead”, this could make the audience bored and not interested. You can make it sound interesting just by the tone of your voice.

Facial expressions- The facial expression you make while giving a speech will also either keep the audience engaged for possibly turn them away. If you have a blank face with little or no facial expressions while you are giving a speech this could possible turn the audience away. Smiling and having fun with your speech will keep the people listening wanting to learn more.


Approximately 250 words