Briefly describe the country you selected and its culture.

Explore the website,, and select a country to complete this Assignment.
Think about an emotion-laden situation that would be significant for the country you chose.

Its a 5- to 10-slide PowerPoint presentation that is part of a cultural sensitivity training course that includes the following:

Briefly describe the country you selected and its culture.
Describe an emotion-laden situation and how its significance may differ in your culture compared to its significance in your chosen country.
Analyze the preceding and contributing events, cultural display rules, and other significant details in terms of how someone from your culture might respond, and note how these issues may differ for members of the selected country’s culture.
Summarize key points of difference between your culture and the selected country in terms of experiencing emotions.
Provide cultural sensitivity suggestions and recommendations for travelers to the country you selected.
Be sure to support your Assignment with specific references to the additional resources you researched for your country, emotion-laden situations, and any other applicable resources.


Approximately 250 words