Are the 4Cs able to replace the 4Ps in every business environment?

Review a local, small business and determine how they are using the 4Ps. In 2-3 pages, evaluate how effective their positioning is in relation to the 4Ps you outline.

My 4Ps outline:

Are the 4Ps no longer relevant? If they are, are they only relevant to certain industries, channels, or products? Which ones? Are the 4Cs able to replace the 4Ps in every business environment?

I would say yes! A marketing plan doesn’t have a base without the 4P’s. How they are defined may have changed over the years but the essence of the marketing mix is still very much the building blocks of any good marketing plan. Yes, they are relevant in certain industries such as retail industry, and electronic industry. Certain channels such as personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, direct mail, trade fairs and exhibitions, advertising and sponsorship. Also certain products like computers, and phones. Yes, and no the 4Cs are and are not able to replace the 4Ps in every business environment. Certain businesses use the 4P model when they are planning a new venture, or evaluating an existing offer, to optimize the impact with your target market. The 4Cs, critically questioned on every marketing activity will guide in making marketing investments profitable, with focus on customers’ acquisition and retention. The 4C’s set an example on how most marketing department do or should aim to do.

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Approximately 250 words